Business Owners

At WealthEngage we focus on business owners because we are business owners. While we offer custom investment management and personal financial planning, our distinct perspective, professional training and experience working with entrepreneurs help give us an edge.


  1. A business valuation using five commonly used valuation methods.
    1. Adjusted Book Value Method
    2. Capitalization of Earning Method
    3. Excess of Earnings Method
    4. Discounted Future Cash Flow Method
    5. Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method
  2. A review of your existing buy-sell agreement if you have one.

The reports provide a summary of any issues and recommendations, and they’ll serve as a starting discussion with your tax and legal advisors. You may find that you have some unmet retirement, business succession, business protection, and legacy and estate planning needs.


  • Agreements – If applicable, provide a copy of any current buy-sell agreement and any amendments. Include any documents you think control the transfer of your business.
  • Your entity type – Identify your tax and legal entity type (partnership, LLC, S corporation, etc.).
  • Number of owners – Provide a list of all individuals and entities with ownership interest (including stock options and warrants), and the percentages and nature of the business interest.
  • Financials – Provide copies of your financial statements (balance sheets and income statements or company tax returns) from the most recent three full tax years.
  • Insurance – Provide a complete list of all life and/or disability insurance policies associated with the buy-sell agreement.
    • The list should identify the insured, owner, beneficiary, carrier, benefit amount, contract type (term, universal life, variable universal life), cash value if applicable, duration (if a term policy), and amount of any outstanding loans.
    • Include copies of any split dollar or deferred compensation agreements associated with the policies.


We provide a valuation of your business that includes action items and suggested solutions to help meet your retirement, business succession, business protection, and legacy and estate planning goals.

We also provide a Buy-Sell Review. This report includes highlights of your existing buy-sell agreement and recommendations for your business based on industry best practices. Adequate funding of your buy-sell agreement is at the heart of its success.


We discuss your unique planning considerations, rank your priorities and set target dates. Once we have a plan, we will confirm your objectives with your tax and legal advisors and implement any needed changes.

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