Addressing the objectives of Institutions

Nonprofits such as foundations, endowments and religious organizations come to us for our insightful financial advisory so they can continue to focus on their purposeful initiatives. We help them have a well-defined plan, beginning with an Investment Policy Statement designed to bring continuity to the decision-making even as committee members and fiduciaries change.

Our team collaborates with their directors, board members and other professional advisors such as trustees, attorneys and CPAs to monitor expenses and adhere to a fiduciary standard of care. We can also help you establish, manage and run a corporate retirement plan that is right for you and your organization.


We believe it’s important for nonprofit organizations to align their values with their investment policies. While this seems easy to do, many organizations have done so and found it difficult to manage. At WealthEngage, we have experience with Social Responsible Investing (SRI) and applying negative screens to exclude certain types of investments for our clients.

Of course, socially concerned clients pursue the same goals as all investors: generating income or preserving capital for future needs. It’s why we apply the same financial analysis to socially responsible investments as we do to others.

In doing so, we specialize in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis. We can recommend a variety of investment vehicles that can accommodate your organization’s philosophy as well as its investment objectives.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing may result in investment returns that may be lower or higher than if decisions were based solely on investment considerations.